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Excel Tiles Supplies Ltd
United Kingdom
Logo Design and Full Website Development.
Monthly SEO strategy on selected keywords.


Tile Doctors Ltd
United Kingdom
Logo Design and Full Website Development.

 MandK.gif Name:

M&K Recruitment
United Kingdom
Logo Design, Full Website Development and Corporate ID.

 lefang-antiques.gif Name:

Lefang Antiques
United Kingdom
Full Website Development and administration panel to add
new furnitures and restorers to the website database.
 NA-Finance.gif Name:
NA Finance
United Kingdom
Full Website Design & Development

United Kingdom
Logo Design, Full Website Design & Development
 HajjandUmrah.gif Name:
Al-Sattar Hajj & Umrah
United Kingdom
Full Website Design & Development
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Introducing IMTA
(Internation Money Transfer Agent)

IMTA is designed for money senders to keep record of transactions where each customer is issued a unique reference number for efficient management. All your money transfer invoices available on your finger tips.

Key Benefits:

  • Speeds up order taking because it remembers previously entered details.
  • Any country or currency with different commission rate could be added.
  • Eliminates mistakes while invoicing.
  • Reduces time and paper waste.
  • Creates efficiency and ease for management
  • Produces return on investment.
  • Keep all customer record and you can search by their customer name.
  • Work out profit and loss for you business so you know exactly how the business is doing?
  • Print out invoice with your business details.
    Can work with any Money Broker.
  • Save Receivers names for each sender
  • Saves collection stations address for each country
  • Shows Sender Account No and details
  • Show Receivers details
  • Allow to send transfer through any network
  • Shows Calculation and Outstanding amount if any
  • Show Address of Collection Point or Bank Brach address
  • Print weekly/monthly and yearly sales reports like who has been sending most of the money to which country? Or how much money was sent a particular date? Or How much money you making on each transaction and many other reports.


(Internation Money Transfer Agent)
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IMTA installation instructions

How to setup IMTA configuration - Help


 Client Management System Minimize
Introducing ECMS
(Easy Client Management System)

ECMS is a fully automated web based customer management solution. No more messy notes on the desk!

ECMS will help your company offer a excellent customer satisfaction, it will help to manage staff and customers efficiently and it will build statistical reports for the management team. 

Key Features:

Call Centre Management - add new support calls and track their progress.

Customer management - add new customer to create customer  base which can be used for marketing.

Staff Management - add new staff, allocate jobs and to view staffs' progress.

Asset Management - add asset group, asset item to track company assets and to avoid loosing valuable assets of the company.

ECMS is an ideal solution for small/medium size businesses because of it's low cost of ownership and ease-of-use.


Easy Client Management System


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